YCPRT for Youth

The Youth Centered Permanency Roundtables

were started because we believe you need and deserve to be the center of the conversation about your own life. The following outlines what you can expect to be true about starting a YCPRT.


This is table.

YCPRT meetings are about making sure you have the people - the relationships - that you want and need in your life. You deserve to never experience “aging out” of anything.

Your voice

This meeting is pointless unless you actively participate and help to drive the process. The adults and professionals joining you here cannot do this without you.  It just doesn’t work.


You this.

Invite your mentor, your birth parent, your past foster parents, your siblings, your teacher, your cousin, your uncle, your grandma, your neighbor. It’s up to you.

Please invite someone you trust and care about to come to your meeting to help make a plan for your permanency.

The table is yours. You deserve it.