Program Overview

YCPRT meetings are professional consultations held on an ongoing basis for youth aged 12 years and older who have been in PCSA custody for 12 months or longer, until the youth achieves rational and legal permanency. YCPRT meetings are designed for the youth to voice their permanency desires in a safe, structured, non-blaming environment.





Program Structure

Several key participants make each YCPRT possible.

Distinct to YCPRT, the youth is the head of the table. However, everybody at the PRT is essential to the program working. The success of the meeting requires that each roundtable role is filled to model fidelity.


During the initial PRT, we start with the following questions:

  • What will it take for this youth to achieve permanency?
  • What can we do that has been tried successfully before?
  • What can we do that has never been tried?
  • What can we do concurrently to help this youth achieve permanency?
  • How can we engage this youth in permanency planning?

The answers to these questions guide the YCPRT process throughout the youth’s journey. We expect to see positive outcomes from our work implementing the YCPRT model in Ohio, including less restrictive living environments for the children in the short term, and more children moving to permanency before they age out of the system.