Program FAQs


What are Permanency Roundtables (YCPRTs)?

YCPRT meetings are professional consultations held on an ongoing basis for youth aged 12 years and older who have been in PCSA custody for 12 months or longer, until the youth achieves rational and legal permanency. YCPRT meetings are designed for the youth to voice their permanency desires in a safe, structured, non-blaming environment. The YCPRT goal is to “Pioneer a youth-led path to permanency”.

What are the of a Youth Centered Permanency Roundtable?

The goal of the Permanency Roundtable is to:

  • Stimulate thinking and learning about new ways to accelerate permanency and identify
  • Address systemic barriers to timely permanency
  • Expedite legal permanency for the youth

What are the of the YCPRT program model for the youth served?

The YCPRT provides an ongoing opportunity for the team to develop relational permanency connections for the youth on the path toward legal permanency. As a result not only is the Youth voice the driving factor but also YCPRT requires active participation from the youth supports in all permanency-planning efforts.

What is in the YCPRT program?

Kinnect’s mission is to develop partnerships that transform beliefs, values, and actions to achieve permanency for all children in the shortest time possible.  Implementing the YCPRT program throughout Ohio is allowing Kinnect the opportunity to collaborate with PCSA’s throughout the state. Implementing this model Kinnect will assist with the process to explore, install, and implement the YCPRT program. Also, the Kinnect YCPRT staff will guide your identified agency representatives with training, coaching, and support.