YCPRT for Adult Supporters

Adult Supporters are a key participant in our YCPRTs. Learn more about this critical role, and what an impact it can make for participating youth.


You are

It’s hard to overstate what an invitation it is to be an Adult Supporter at a YCPRT.

Your primary role as the Adult Supporter in a YCPRT is to make sure the youth’s voice drives the direction of the conversation. You do not need to be the youth’s permanency option.

You are valued. You are trusted.

You are

We need you to help make sure the conversation doesn’t get taken over by other agendas, as well intentioned as they may be. What does that mean? It means that if people want to talk about behaviors, or medication, or education plans, or any other number of things, that you keep the conversation focused on permanency, with the youth driving the conversation.


makes a difference.

Youth deserve real and meaningful discussion about the relationships and connections they will need to be successful in life.  Life skills don’t matter if you don’t have people to hold you accountable and love you when you need love. So be there for your youth and make sure they know they are worthy of family.