OhioKAN Regional Cohort Announcement

Please find below an update regarding OhioKAN Regions, Cohorts, and Launch timelines.

The new OhioKAN program plans to officially launch statewide on October 1, 2020. The program will be organized and delivered regionally via ten OhioKAN Regions (see map below). These ten geographic regions were developed as part of the initial program design, based on statewide Stakeholder recommendations, Ohio census data, and county-reported population data.

Ten Regions, Two Cohorts

In order to effectively scale-up statewide, the OhioKAN program will launch in two staggered cohorts over the course of the year. The First Cohort will start providing OhioKAN services during mid summer 2020, and the Second Cohort will start providing OhioKAN services during mid fall 2020. All OhioKAN regions plan to provide OhioKAN services by October 2020. 

Random Selection of Cohorts

To select which regions launch when, each were assigned via random selection process, with certain basic criteria to ensure metro, medium, and small counties launched within each cohort. Please see below for more detail regarding this randomized selection process.

Random Cohort Selection Process: Each region was organized into Metro, Medium, and Small strata by cumulative total population size to ensure a similar population would be served across each cohort. One Metro, two Medium, and two Small regions were randomly selected for the first cohort; the remaining one Metro, two Medium, and two Small regions were assigned to the second cohort. The resulting cohorts are similar based on: Population size (2010 Census); Number of counties (OhioKAN regional map); Number of children in foster care (2017 Kids Count); Number of children receiving PASSS or SAMS adoption assistance (Jan-March 2019)

Next Steps, Including the Hiring of Regional Directors

The next step in the staggered launch of each Cohort is the hiring of OhioKAN Regional Directors. Regional Director positions for Cohort 1 go live on March 15, and Regional Director positions for Cohort 2 go live in July 2020. Please share this information with any interested applicants! The full job description and application instructions are attached to this email.

Future Updates

We are very excited to be arriving at this critical milestone in OhioKAN’s development! If you know anyone who would like to be kept up to date on our collective work, please forward this email to them and shave them contact us to join our mailing list.

For Questions

Shannon Deinhart, LISW-S
Executive Director, Co-Founder
Kinnect Ohio
Phone: (216) 692-1161